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Painting by numbers for adults and seniors: discover what’s on offer

It is the hobby of 2023. Great for getting creative. And suitable for young and old alike. By painting in peace and quiet, simply using the boxes with the numbers. Making it accessible to everyone, even if you have never touched a brush before. Or a brush actually, with which you can paint in a more precise way. For a beautiful result to be proud of, which you can beautifully frame and even hang on the wall.

Countless adults and elderly people have already discovered how soothing this can be. And how you can get started in a truly artistic way, even if you did not know yourself to be even slightly creative. Thanks to the boxes with numbers in them, which correspond to the paint colours you receive. So that you know exactly which colour to paint where. So that you can paint by numbers, especially for adults and the elderly. With all kinds of collections and just a few handy tips. To discover this fun hobby, which we would love to tell you all about.

1. Cats

Fond of cats and always looking for a way to use them creatively in home decoration? Or would you like to have a cat, but don’t currently have one? Good reasons to use them for painting by numbers. So you can paint a beautiful cat, for example, in combination with a beautiful butterfly. And check out the cheerful cat in striking colours, for example, or the other unique plates available. Like a cat in front of a window and the plates that show a less realistic picture. In this way, you have the choice of all kinds of paintings, which you can work on in a fun way yourself.

2. Dogs

Equally popular are dogs. As a faithful four-legged friend, which nobody can’t love. From large to very small and from super hairy to very tough as a companion who can also keep watch. We love dogs, which is why we like to use them when we paint.

For example, with a dog in a red car, just like with a portrait of a bulldog that has been given some very special colours. As a creative appearance, as you can also label the labrador.

Within the paintings by number for adults and the elderly, you will find many dogs. Which you can have fun with, if you feel like bringing a dog into your home.

3. Cities

Not necessarily a fan of animals or dogs in particular? On the other hand, discover cities you can paint yourself. By number, especially for older people and adults like you who want to get started with that.

Very interesting if you have fallen in love with Paris, if you like walking around Amsterdam late or if you love the blue water with the coloured houses in Italy’s Cinque Terre.

Whatever makes you happy in a city or a special place to walk and live, we will make sure you can paint it. With painting , where you can happily get started in an accessible way.

4. Nature

Something that also applies to the different landscapes. Which show you how amazing the nature around us looks. Something you can enjoy at your leisure by painting by numbers. With the standard 36 colours that come with it, to let the unique nature take shape.

Travel to Africa on the canvas, for example, and use the different shades of red and orange. Or enjoy a great landscape with water and, of course, a special mountain range. As, on the other hand, you can also enjoy a cottage in the middle of nature, where green and red play a particularly important role.

5. Animals

And besides dogs and cats, are you curious about the other animals you can paint by numbers? Especially for adults, you can choose from a wide range. With animals such as you will generally not see every day. And which you can therefore enjoy even more the moment you paint them.

6. Own photo

In addition to the normal motifs, you also have the option of choosing painting by number with your own photo. Paint a beautiful picture of your pet or family photo!

Most popular choices for adults

Within our full range, curious about the popular choices for painting by numbers for adults and seniors? We list the top three for you:

Coloured lions

Coloured lions capture the imagination of many people. In colours you won’t find in nature, of course. Which makes it creatively special, with colours that are well balanced. And which also make the painting accessible. For adults and the elderly, as well as for children who want to get started.

Birds with flowers

Do you love birds and love flowers? Then you are not the only one! Among number painting for adults and the elderly, it is one of the most ordered products. Thanks to the colours that balance beautifully with each other. And because of the peace the painting exudes, both when you make it and when it is finished. To hang on the wall in a beautiful way, where you of course decide in which format you want to work with it.


Very popular is also the elephant, which shows a unique bouquet of colours. Compared to the black and white of the elephant, which secretly includes some shades of grey. For a painting, which looks simple yet has a lot of depth. So you can get to work on it in a great way, and hang the result on your wall as a unique decoration. Take your pick from the popular choices or explore the rest of our range.

How does painting by numbers for older people work?

Wondering how it works if you want to paint by numbers for adults? We will explain it to you in 3 clear steps:

– Order your package
– Painting numbered boxes
– Framing a masterpiece

1. Order your kit

You can order your package for numbered painting online. Standard packages are for adults and seniors. You can choose from many beautiful paintings online, with which you can easily get started. As soon as we have received your order, we will prepare it and you will receive it quickly.

2. Painting numbered boxes

You will receive a complete kit, containing the canvas you want to paint on. We also include the 36 types of paint and 5 premium brushes. If you order a model with a frame, the frame is also included, to frame the whole thing nicely in the end. Painting by numbers for adults is then very simple. The pattern has numbered boxes, whose numbers correspond to those of the paints. So you can see which paint to use in which box. And you work yourself into a masterpiece, which you can also frame beautifully afterwards.

3. Frame your masterpiece

Have you ordered a kit with a frame? Or will you buy a frame to go with it? Whatever you choose, you can hang your masterpiece on the wall. To be proud of yourself and to show others what you have created. As a new hobby, where we are almost sure you will soon order a new painting to get started with that too.

Are there also painting by number canvases for children?

There are also kits for a child! Check out the painting by number canvases for children which include paintings for children. Choose 24 paint colours if you want to paint larger squares. This will make the difficulty level easier.

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