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Our customers have indicated that painting by numbers is an educational way to improve perseverance and concentration. This is good for your child’s development.

Order your complete kit today and paint tomorrow! At Swynk you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of motifs, such as animals. Check out our full range of painting by numbers for children aged 5 to 12.

Painting by numbers for a child: educational

Would you like to order a painting by number for a child? In our collection for children you will find wonderful paintings that are perfect for working together. For example, for toddlers who can start painting in a playful way thanks to the simple images. And make it a little harder as they get older to challenge your child in a fun way. If you also want to have a quiet time painting. Or to teach them how to use a brush and paint as a super fun wonderful new activity to start with.

However you want to use it, we make sure it will be a fun activity for the whole family, with kids as the copy for painting. Involve the kids and make sure you can work with them in a fun way. To paint the painting by number animals, you can work with your own photo or any of the other designs and ideas available. Especially designed for children, so you can be sure that it is easy for them to do as well.

Especially for kids: working together

Want to play it safe by painting together? Your child’s age will determine which pictures are most suitable:

Painting by Number: Painting from age 5 onwards.

Has your child just turned 5, but is already very creative? Then it is a good time to start painting by numbers. Not too difficult, by keeping it very simple. With a few colors and relatively large areas. Neatly numbered so you can work together.

Tip: Want to make sure the result is beautiful? It’s a good idea to do this together to teach your little one how painting by numbers works. For children ages 5 and up: choose a picture with 24 colors to make the squares bigger.

Painting by numbers for older children: 7 and 8 years old

Is your little one getting a little older and you notice that he or she enjoys painting with numbers on their own? Some motifs are good for kids around 7 to 8 years old. If they can already have a little patience and want to work on it on their own. Because they really do know how to do it and don’t need your help, of course. They think, and in some cases they will also show. With painting by numbers for kids, because at this age they start to master it.

Also for the children of 7 and 8, choose a painting with 24 colors, so that the squares are larger.

More of a challenge for your child: ages 9 to 12

And are you looking for a little more painting by numbers challenge for a child? Then you can choose from a range for children aged 9 to 12. which they can work well with and are already a little more difficult. Because of the larger number of paints and the smaller surfaces. These require more precise work, making them sometimes more difficult than they thought. So stop by once in a while to help or just to see if it’s still such a fun and creative activity.

Tip: Wondering what pictures are good for your child to start painting? Ask our staff. Talk to us, we will be happy to tell you more and make sure you enjoy painting together. For children ages 9 to 12, choose 24 colors or 36 paint pots. If you choose 36 paint pots, the difficulty increases.

With a wide selection of paint by numbers for your child, we make sure you can find something for every age. For the little ones who love to get started and for the slightly older ones. So you can let the beautiful pictures grow with you, so you can always make a good choice.

Painting your own photo

Do you want the kids to start painting in a fun way? It is very funny to get started with your own photo. Of themselves or of the whole family. That way they feel involved and you can actually always be there, even if they very firmly decide to paint themselves.

Your own picture, among other things, is a great place to start. To discover how much fun painting with numbers is. And to experience this, it doesn’t have to be that hard. If you use the different types of paint pots according to the numbers. In addition, of course, we supply the matching brushes, so that nothing is missing and your child can get started playfully.

Wondering how painting by numbers works if you decide to make your own painting? We will explain it to you in a few clear steps:

  1. Choose format
  2. Upload photo via the website
  3. Go to the checkout and get the package

1. Choose format

Painting by number with your own photo starts with the size. This applies to both children and adults. What we always advise children is not to choose the size too large. This is partly because of the resolution of the photo, but also because of the smaller arms, which otherwise make it difficult to reach everything.

First, think about the shape of the photo. Is it a square or a rectangle? Take that into consideration when choosing the size. Then choose a size no larger than 45 x 50 cm or 40 x 50 cm. This prevents a painting from being too big to reach, which usually takes the fun out of it for a child.

Tip: Want to make it easier for your child? Choose painting by number with your own photo in 30 x 40 centimeters. This way there are 24 colors, instead of the usual 36 in the other models. This makes it easier to get started, so your little one can easily paint beautiful results.

2. Upload photo through the website

Next, it is important to upload the photo. You can use any photo you want. Of your child or children, but also of yourself and of course of something completely different. Have fun painting the number, making sure you get the whole thing from us quickly.

Of course, make sure the picture is sharp. That way we can transfer it to the canvas so your child or children can get creative with it.

3. Go to checkout and receive the package

After you upload the photo, you will be given the option to add it to your shopping cart. Once you pay online and enter your order details, we can get to work. We’ll ensure prompt delivery to your address, so you can surprise your little ones and play it safe by painting together. Or unwrap them together and let your little one get started.

You will receive the canvas canvas and 5 good quality brushes and 24 or 36 acrylic paint pots. We also supply a sample on A4 paper and of course we deliver the whole thing in a sturdy cardboard package. This way you have everything at hand to paint with a child safely. With your own photo to get the kids started.

Tip: Want to surprise the kids with their own painting for painting by number? Keep in mind that it takes about 10-15 business days to receive it.


Painting by number for children is done in the same way as for adults. This means you can use our usual 36 paint pots, unless you order the smallest size specifically for a child (then you will receive 24 paint pots).

We also provide a sturdy outer box and, of course, treat your photo with care and confidentiality. Moreover, we have already helped more than 40,000 satisfied people with painting by numbers, so we are happy to help you and the kids do the same.

Tip: Do you have a landscape photo that you would like to use for your children’s painting by number? That’s no problem either, we can just turn it into a canvas. We’ll make sure the picture is transformed nicely, so your little one can start playing with it.

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