Wooden Frame 4 cm Thick White/Black/Brown


Complete your painting

Do you want to give your artwork a nice spot in your room? Then order a wooden frame via our webshop. The frame is easy to mount and has a thickness of 4 cm. The frames are available in black, white and brown.

  1. An assembly time of about 15 minutes.
  2. We have a video available on how to assemble the frame. We can send it to you. Send a message to info@swynk.com to receive the video.
  3. The package contains an inner and outer frame. The inner frame is used to stretch the canvas onto the frame. The outer frame is the visible part.

What is the content of the package?

When you order a frame from us, you always receive a complete package with all the necessary materials. The package consists of:

  1. Fastening materials (screws and corner pieces);
  2. Glue;
  3. Screwdriver;
  4. Manual.
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